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Problem to Solve: SARS-CoV-2 Virus Testing & Screening

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Here’s what Bill Gates said with regards to the current testing method. Please Click On the Four Articles:

Bill Gates: “the pandemic could have been avoided if the world’s leaders had invested in testing at the very start.”

Bill Gates: ‘Slow Turnaround of COVID-19 Tests Makes Them A ‘Complete Waste’

Bill Gates says, “majority of coronavirus tests administered in the US are ‘completely garbage’ because it takes too long for people to get the results”

Bill Gates warns there will be ‘LOTS of additional COVID deaths’ in the US if ‘we don’t get our act together’ and blasts officials for running the ‘worst testing system’ in the world


Solution: BAI Intelligence!! — The Test Our World Needs!!!

BAI Intelligence can detect the deadly novel coronavirus at a rapid pace by advanced facial recognition in an instant. It has the ability for rapid testing and immediate response capability.

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Daily Mail

Lessons learned? Coronavirus deaths would have ‘decreased substantially’ with better efforts after the first surge that claimed 100,000 lives, Birx says

• Dr Birx claimed subsequent surges could have been ‘mitigated’ if early lessons had been learned and acted on

• Dr Birx spearheaded the Trump administration’s response to the pandemic

• She speaks out on CNN documentary ‘COVID WAR: The Pandemic Doctors Speak Out,’ which airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on CNN

• The White House announced Thursday it will spend $10bn to convince people to get the COVID vaccine as rates of infection are on the rise and experts warn of a fourth surge


BAI: Race Against Time To Save Lives

BAI Intelligence Test is the “Game Changer” that can help, assist, and mitigate Coronavirus deaths!!!

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Daily Mail

Busting Covid myths: Top international experts explain why those Covid temperature tests aren’t just pointless – they’re dangerous

• Businesses last year required anyone who entered to have temperature taken

• But top experts now say the tests are, at best, ‘futile’ and at worst, ‘dangerous’

• Some even call scanners ‘random number generators’ due to their inaccuracy


Few Words to Describe BAI Intelligence Covid Test. . .


“Under Promise… Over Deliver”… That Says It All!