News Update and Developments

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy.  This is physics.”
Albert Einstein

“The law of nature that states that everything has a vibration….Everything that manifests itself in your life is there because it matches the vibration from your thoughts.” These, and other theories, contributed to the long time search for the “key” to unlocking the code for reading this energy and understanding the vibrations of the human mind.  Nobel laureate Sir Roger Penrose, for example, dedicated a good part of his life in this endeavor (see, Shadows of the Mind, and The Emperor’s New Mind.)  Here at BAI, Intelligence, we have finally broken the code!

The timing of this discovery could not be more fortuitous.  As COVID-19 continues to ravage our Planet’s population, with no realistic cure in sight, it has become increasingly more critical to develop an accurate, cost effective, non-invasive, rapid method for testing, which is widely available to all of this Planet’s inhabitants.

We are currently in discussions with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in the United States, for approval of our method, under its Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) process.  The FDA has asked that we provide them some more data, consisting of non-U.S. individuals, in a non-hospital setting, as our next step in the U.S. approval process.  We have just undertaken efforts to comply with the FDA request, and are looking for additional volunteers across the globe to participate.  This is where YOU come in.  If you would like to participate in our study, for no cost (for our test,) first, be prepared to undergo a traditional COVID-19 test.  Upon completion, you will take the BAI test, which is a completely non-invasive procedure, based only on our unique “energy vibration” technology.  Our test is simple, simply complete an informed consent form, and then, using any device with a camera on it, i.e. your cell phone or computer, take a short video of yourself, stating only your name, the date of the test, and that you are asking to be tested for the presence of COVID-19. Thereafter, send said video to a phone number we will provide, and your results will be completed and returned in approximately thirty seconds.  That is all there is to it.  After completion of both tests, we ask that you provide us with the results from both, in order to compare them for accuracy.  If you have undergone more traditional methods, you understand they are invasive, often very uncomfortable and costly.  In addition, you may have to wait several days to receive results.

The benefits of our testing methodology could not be more apparent.  In addition to the lack of invasiveness, rapid results, and lower cost (ultimately we anticipate offering our test for only a few dollars per test,) our decentralized test allows large number of individuals to be tested, with no infrastructure (testing facilities) and no risk of exposure to health care workers administering public tests (or for that matter individuals being tested.)  This is a rare moment in history.  You have a chance to participate in this endeavor for the betterment of mankind.  We look forward to hearing from you, and working together to save us from COVID-19, an insidious predator.