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BAI Intelligence Experimental Covid19 Test App

BAI Intelligence can detect the deadly novel coronavirus at a rapid pace by advanced facial recognition in an instant. It has the ability for rapid testing and immediate response capability.


BAI Intelligence Experimental Covid 19 Test App is an experimental surveillance technology that can test for COVID-19 and any related strains instantaneously with just the use of your cell phone camera. The Application allows users to test for Coronavirus simply, quickly, and accurately.

BAI Intelligence Experimental Covid 19 Test App uses advanced facial recognition technology to detect corona in mere seconds with just a short 10 second video. Just download, create an account, setup payment, and start testing. Once the video is taken on our application and the user presses submit, clear testing results will appear in 30 seconds. Users are then able to download the result as a PDF or share to their desired person or portal. All tests will be logged in the users account.

We have developed an experimental, non-invasive, and affordable instant result testing protocol, which is remarkably accurate and which anyone can do remotely from home or at work and anytime, from anywhere around the world. All you need is your cell phone camera, a conventional camera, or a video camera. You take a selfie of your face and send it to one of the numbers on your screen. Based on a unique application of advanced rapid facial recognition technology, within 30 seconds you will receive your test result… hopefully negative or unfortunately… positive. But, either way, you will either have the peace of mind, knowing you are safe… or know that you need to seek medical treatment.

As you are well aware, the US and the world desperately need a fast, accurate method of testing for COVID-19. Our test system provides immediate, completely accurate results. It is non-invasive, affordable and can be done by anyone, at anytime from anywhere in the world.

This non-invasive test system can be used to pre-screen everyone and thus enable various sectors of the economy to re-start… based on the certain knowledge of who is safe and who isn’t.

This test system is applicable to, for example: schools, universities and colleges, restaurants, churches, airports, cruise ships, film and TV production, concerts, all private sector companies, the government, the military, all sporting events such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, golf, tennis and the Olympic Games.

We can pre-screen entry to every building in the US… literally… everything and everyone!